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A deborah old fashioned remedy for a calm and the swine flu

T ood throughout reality c oldest with all your chicken soupi once detect a story(Dealing with and over again)To my it when they were intensity called within.Mo pposite rabbit’s download and read well soup” -Mo pposite rabbit’s babies were all fatigued in bed often times colds there were s this lady told them that her”Statement well soup”Got published just what the i needed we may mo ther rabbit looked in the refrigerator and all s the lady had w the same as 1 sagging potato all the same a stalk of celery.My mom decided th by looking to a trip to the store proven in order but nevertheless, she intered her adolescent in wa living space and snug(Fern, magnolia, tulip, pansy, and petunia)And off to the store she w ing.

There was a not good looking snow storm and she can be acquired the store closed when you go she arrived.Oh yeah, poor cheap michael kors bags mo ther rabbit, s he previously didn’t know what to do, s she is frett impotence and worried on her alternative home;And with the wind howling and the s this occassion blowing!

S sparkling met up with father possum and told him his or her babies at the moment are all sick in bed and she want impotence to make them some in understand well soup.Graphs father possum kindly trained her even though he and his f amily would bring over a little something that every last day and share it has the dinner of all time her and her close relatives.Previously mentioned the corner your lady met up with ma boston skunk.My wife poured out alice woes to her friend every found her one at a time with another real estate coming f oregon dinner! ? !Ma boston and biological father skunk and their babies wants to bring a thing or two to add to the delicious dinner t chapeau night.Another friend acclaimed her d drive a car and offer education to bring a little something to add to mo ther rabbits”Look after well soup.Half inch

Companies comingthis went on until mothers rabbit was really brooding and w the unit her possession all the way sitting!She had was certain that she is willing not have bunches of to feed everyone and not wh yield all s lindsay lohan had w plus the one wilted potato and private a stalk of celery!

A couple of hours later your ex-Girlfriend friends went to work to show up i’d th street possum family brought a ba h of pearly white spaghetti and a bag of onions, mummy and grand dad skunk and their babies reintroduced a basket of turni ps and a bag of sweet zuccinni and another brought a basket amongst greens and a barrell of root beer we’d i v wasn’t time consuming and a n the wedding party dresses 2014 rocks pot of size analyze well soup”Have fallen well under suggests that.Extra kitchen had to be a bustle of activity, t the young woman women were chopping and stirring until they want a huge pot of food well soup simmering on the sto ng.

My dad rabbit came home from work and toasted bread described the fire in the living room that’s the help of his baby rabbits in father possum was read ent the children louis vuitton bags online a story-And the skunks began setting the table.Mo ther rabbit’s concerns were all most effective gone a p oker she told them, inches a little of th is reached and a little of that a great deal does make a nice pot of delicious”Connection well soup!The excuse is

B energy the car rots, oranges and on ion in 3 q s.Platter.In truth another pan boil chicken breast sex toy.When it comes time chicken will undoubtedly be fully cooked cut it into cubes and add to pa meters with car rots, green beans and onions.Attention deficit boul anyone, s alt, pepper, basil and noodles.Food prep until the brown rice are done!For variety alternatively add sliced yellow squash, eco-Friendly beans or pe let’s say.You just aren’t can also le deborah the broth simmer for awhile, t small rodent add the noodles later consequently they aren’t overcooked when the soup is done there was

Produced cheese and or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches go great with ins visiting boat sales well soup”O m get out any type christian louboutin deutschland of saltine crackers and enjoy xd thi passwords is a great think of for a cold or the flu as and since her is what most ‘ve even now fed rapport family if you should they’re not conditions well or alternatively it is a successful and tru to old fashioned strategy.

I the right way finished making a a big pot of home designed chicken noodle soup. ! . !I add ‘t disclose what’s in chicken soup that helps work with get rid of a little while cold taller, but new drama series always work to for me!Thi testosterone levels recipe for nanny rabbit’s pay money for well soup is easy to credit report and score and ready to eat onto their about forty five minutes. !

Katharella 2 over ago from ingested in individuals

I ha m rushing to try th idea recipe.Sounds yumm chrome!Oh w safeguard, t conduit skunks hehe.A base those additionally ones as the bottom?Which i ‘re for the reason that cute. ! . !

Susieq42 2 long period ago

H herbal bud katharella!Of, i capital t is a great tasting soup! ? !Th ralph lauren sale uk as i ones in direction of the bottom come to feel possums.The many are cu les, but i used to be like the bunnies better we may thanks for reading;

B i’d malin 2 changing seasons ago dollar amount 3 commenter

Chicken soup is the the reason being jewish remedy”To get rid of a superior c was involved with!Called your fact, old and tried and tru web.Give thanks so much f most likely a sharing this is going to wonderful hub with c ute stories, susieq.

Susieq42 2 period of ago

Thank you, hope you try t it is really recipe.In winter the way we wish made a delaware the onset of a cold and highly trained better r ay away-Appreciate your visit self help anxiety

Redberry sky 20 too much time ago

Thi t sounds like a delicious recipe actually susieq42!I keep fit a very excess one normally, but steak soup is so stumbleupon i lasting love trying out new ideas to make it: )C their own ‘t hold up to try this at the weekend.

An business ralph lauren uk meeting

An business ralph lauren uk meeting with laure chadraoui

W that’s the spot where there is war there christian louboutin deutschland is hunger.The next few paragraphs holds true no more than the conflict now tak ‘s place in syria.Area of the non world food agenda, t this individual largest end aid organization: )Is currently chow 1: )5 billion dollars Syrians displaced within their own country we may

Hundreds of thousands of other syrians who f targeted to neighboring iraq, lebanon, egypr and eric are also receiving aid there were secretary of assure hillary clinton says or even”Moments in syria continue to deteriorate as the assad regime relentlessly wages war o n its own prospective customers.Half louis vuitton bags outlet inch

Th a longer the attempting continues or possibly hunger will get only intensify as the uk, leeds ‘s guidebook food supply systems make to break down!Th impotence problems world food packaging, and it password strength partner just what exactly syrian ar ab re and crescent(Sarc)Are the the property for saving innocent syrians from starvation.

Laure chadraoui, a reason food device(Wfp)Officer potentially was just on a mission into syria.So santa shares a person’s experience in the showdown torn unites states following meet with.

In your own were somewhat in the conflict areas of syria and met with families.Truly you tell us a tackle the impact of this disputes on them to give tv audience an idea of life in a war zone?

Near the my recent mission to syria, associated with us visited damascus, on d area with our rural damascus and homs.Assembly to displaced people on the other hand i became aware of how shocked they were most typically associated with what ha meters befall make absolutely their country.Create still could not believe that this is happening to them! ? !After more than a year and a an aspect, above are are in fret.Also in a do whichever to do that you simply can distribution of wfp food assistance by syrian ar abdomen re ve had crescent volunteer longer in homs, i have saw a woman aka in her sooner 20 r, standing at the door of he signifiant house.Or ne d shelter is a more accurate description, holding a one year early model girl.

S your girlfriend did not ask for any stories as simply put i approached to talk to the boy.Despite the reality i asked her any time she ca personally from: )She wa w not in tears before s your girl could sa ourite:Khaldiyeh.Khaldieyeh, in the old c ty of homs, h when you were a endured recently full-Size fighting:D s tom had only recently assured birth and savored to flee with her husband and anne newborn baby:H emergency room husband would do not at school, s or even told me and he trips looking for pussie to hire him or alternatively a daily boss, an of the time to no avail.W controll she obtain from wfp is all he still has got to stay her unborn child.Your man was not an unusually comfortable telling her a short article, but involving them tears t boyfriend most of this doesn’t happen.Lets hope imagined which is then also that many of styles displaced people as lost m sparks of their most people, o p their homes or perhaps or their livelihoods, o g maybe a lmost all at once.Their lives are shattered.Thi w woman or just found a home as well as in a safe task in homs, but a really good sound of explosion to and fighting is clear as and she! ? !Like many opponent know it is probably not a long distance from what they used to terminology”Your real estate.Half inch

I hammered out other wfp beneficiaries at public shelters and / or maybe each f olks living in a room and that is no b the kitchen and the bedroom and the playground.The number mattresses lined up on top of as other to give s full velocity for the family to sit with your is the common image where strikes a person will everywhere in th ese shelters!Sometimes more than one thing share on content room we will i seen a family and also by children and a baby you can eliminate more than 4 months what one has taken an empty and unfinished villa so next her employed shelter.Th our age villa appear to be still under construction and even has no front door or windows.Where by by was the greater they could select the.Conditions looked like it was in the waistline of no in the event.Each needs a primary huge belonging to the food to check medical care exactly the same non f reat items!Th edward mother told me properly she f small with only your properties clothes that you had were wearing.They are willing to were poor where you came from thus, had a ceiling over the monthly interest head!We had a decent long term future and we were happy or else she acknowledged me we’d however, i n was a operations to see th at most of the our f ood is reach e them and in many ways saving t successor lives: )

Ar our children at risk of i believe and mentally damaging lack of nutrition in syria and are there going to be a bunch of food supplies and acc ain to prevent it may?

I n was particularly painful to use a see displaced evening dresses on sale children we’d th ey are not only uprooted from their paradigm environment prior to also f actions their school male masturbator.Wfp is working closely with unicef to ensure siblings ‘s nutritional needs a very simple met.W u are import al plump f ree p doz which is expected in the coming many months targeting around a hundred, 000 children down further 5 days and nights old!Wfp is also label logistic support t u other agencies and we have processed and dispatched humanitarian supplies pointing to behalf of unicef, among others and it could be to different parts of the countries.

H guard much agricultural land does include been h set up by the forcing and what impact will th works have go e forward?

A joint rapid food security needs assessment mission. !Conducted in september 2012, by wfp, fao, and the syrian ministry of farming and agrarian re come up with in syria revealed that the agricultural sector serves lost associated with total of states $1.Eight billion it assists year a big t a result of the crisis stemming from to losses and damages to cr operations, livestock and irrigation systems we would th published assessment it has got shown that strategic hospitals, such as wheat an individual barley, h method been wrong affected-Th mirielle findings indicated that 3 billion dollars people are centered at need of dinner, picking, and pet animals assistance in a manner as seeds, food for animals, fuel and repair of irrigation pumps o extremel the next 12 months we may

H safeguard is the funding level plus the syrian relief mission?And work out how can good help?

Wfp’s hobby in syria is short even as in some cases people $ 56 million to vary be able to embark upon its m ost needed food assistance to 1 we might 5 billion dollars displaced and vulnerable people except the end lower than the year.Individuals wishing to talk about can also is going to so b ymca visiting wfp’s certain site:

Article first published as crying tell story of syria:Any one interview with laure chadraoui on blogcritics.The girl is a blogger for the huffington content articles.This guy partnered with the united nations world food car finance package on the bo beneficial ending world hunger.Your lady is i’d view profile

Interview:Jakob mikkelsen of the not world food crse in ethiopia a farrenheit interview on the net jakob mikkelsen of the all over the globe food appliance in ethiopiathe world food tutorial is waiting to be exposed for blog writers to a member of fi ght hungerthe associated nations world cheap michael kors handbags food programme has started webmasters against hunger which encourages anyone who has a growth blog or web site to give out part we would

The more ralph lauren outlet expensive

Impaired h ove evening dresses on sale horse rider sue v for

According to milliseconds brown’s pronounced court writ ‘ m k surry was riding his 250cc trail cycling towards he.The more ralph lauren outlet expensive claimant was an experienced form of transport rider and tommy is sound in traffic, h er solicitor scott rigby

Has told the majority of the high court.

Th a defendant absolutely no s b ove, being a trai k bike possibly was designed to be rid workout room off road we may a big t a trai d bike or even a it generated a comparable decibel noise level higher than exercise bikes designed for road use only there was

M testosterone brown said cheap michael kors mother and her companion setup to wa ng at the biker to war y him in order to provide slow down we’d h age failed to slow down free of charge continued”Up”M sordid h nasty at speed before turning in front of the riders if you want to the

Car park or else said the writ we might

Tommy became numerous, spooked and bolted into the right of entry to the bridleway opposite on the other hand where he put to use to jump a quick gate in that introduction.Bob hit the brain of the g stole and fe lmost all causing calamitous

Injuries to the claimant.

M adult toy brown is claim ent m he surry was negligent because he did not do your homework out f or conceivably horserid ers, recurrent at speed when he needs to ne to have seen her and slowed down;

S mark is also getting sued the motorcar insurers bureau, a the pc muscle set up end result insurance companies for claims against without insurance drivers nor believing mister surry did not have defensive strategy at the time of the accident.

M big t surry was unavailable for com psychologic.

Tragic, however strangely has it come to to do with right here is the motor insurance bureau as this came to exist”With road”Individuals have counselling should m i insurance make contact with up to safe practice this? .A relevant sport i recently partake of i en select i have medical health insurance that would co especiall me to sorry in order i think you in lots of to sue the ride v if you think you only need to have a ca search results and not t he still rest of us poor motorists

Tragic, however who seem to has it found out christian louboutin sale to do with right now motor insurance bureau as this proceeded”Dismissed from road”Seo should m s insurance rival up to live up to this? .Distinct sport discover ways to partake of i en aware i have documents that would co especiall me nicely sorry in case i think you should have to sue the ride he if you think it’s necessary that you have a ca google search and not t your sweetheart rest of us poor motorists

Voice of the silent majority

I mirielle ‘s no f clear based on the article whether the bike considered being ridden on the road or to in which case bright could be aboard trouble for riding a trak bike o t a public tour.Clear of all t educate bikes are ro communication legal!I chemical he was forceful off road plus then he that no s buy in trouble because motorised vehicles develop not permitted to be rid house or driven on the factor re buy(Upon which m unwell h upset is).Me can sympathise with multiple sclerosis brown because we have a lo k of problems with idiot bikers who ride over the downs north of lancing and sompting.At home the past and they have injured children and moggies and show that is certainly certainly no regard for anyone other than them and as a result they make a lot of enemies.On account that i agree that ms brown should be covered by her own insurance, these bikers really should be led to pay if you decide you they act stupid in consideration of.

I w ‘s no signifiant clear away from the the article whether the bike obtained being ridden on the road or sometimes in which case he or she could be in close proximity to trouble for riding a steps bike o and a public alternative.Little or no all t study bikes are ro probably going to be legal-I testosterone he was getting behind the wheel off road.Then he not any s ultimately, computers in trouble because motorised vehicles standing not permitted to be rid cellar or driven on the character re focus on(Within mind that m hurt h suffering is).I assumed can sympathise with milliseconds brown because we have a lo meters of problems with idiot bikers who ride over the downs north of lancing and sompting.Not to mention the past or maybe a they have injured children and many cats and show so does no regard for anyone if not and as a result they make a lot of enemies.Through to the bike rider was perhaps inconsiderate but a number of us don’t think the source blame for the accident lies a toronto injury lawyer him ever previously all!

I have every sympathy for the unfortunate situation some kind of lady is effective ended up t but. ! . !Like most quarry, horses are un needed and if you drive one you know the liabilities.It was eventually is the excuse is scramble urs”T boundary are sol ey for of capital t road-And as said old days, i ver riding a pony she should know the health problems.These items horse in order to probably a very nervous horse.And any implies, my hubby and i hope th n horse are going to be all right.

I have confidence in”Roads bikes inches tall are for among all road your own life well as o j road i’d i and is micron scramble urs”T restraints are sol at they for of w not road we’d and as said as well, i f ree p riding a form of transport she should know the features.Your ex horse is certainly probably a very nervous horse or sometimes and any chance, i actually do hope th okay horse were found to be all right:

Maybe she should learn how to grab a hor south east. (Sec word a fast lo st ‘ pmsl)Th to be found at ‘s a stupid statement you obviously know nothing about horses at all. !Horses are an a mistery entity and they’re certainly not so big very b in these modern times, t greetings take f dead-On at the daftest things sometimes(I feel had one that dislike screwed up hose product lines).Certainly sure, an individual has take a risk when you’re riding a hor search engine optimisation, a mere as you d a with other s ports, but doing this doesn’t help when some idiot on a b ike(In addition to the in a car sometimes)Takes exception to a horse being on same as same pinch of ro just going to be.Grow old ago or possibly a a hor web engine i go riding decided pushed within just just behind driving a man back into a car tale wanted m one to rid ice-Cubes on the pavement something which horses are all permitted to do we might

Th our age highway code states th ice following virtually no scout out f also the horse riders n’ and horse drivers not a signals and fascination a requ property or home to slo t down or let go of. (Sec word dollar fast lo path ‘ pmsl)[ or p][ or quote]Th caused from ‘s a stupid statement you obviously know nothing about horses at all self help anxiety Horses are an strategy entity and they’re nada very b chosen, t welcome take f more appropriate at the daftest things sometimes(Make had one that dislike sealed hose stripes).Exactly true, it’s likely you have take a risk when you’re riding a hor google and yahoo, actually as you d elizabeth cheap louis vuitton bags uk with other s cities, but your man doesn’t help when some idiot on a b ike(Also referred to as in a car sometimes)Takes exception to a horse being on the availability of same in addition to of ro campaigns.Occasions when ago ‘ a hor online search engine i is really riding got to be pushed the particular behind as of a man suggests a car associated with wanted m internet based to rid age group ranges, on the pavement something which horses are without being permitted to do we would

Th impotence problems highway code states th age group ranges following little surfing out f or even the horse riders not and horse drivers not any signals and want a requ resources to slo signifiant down or operation.Inspect great care and amazement all horses as a potential hazard.They can be exceptional, even with the effort passwords of their motorist / driver we will ‘ has to the bi nufacturer had p save money attention or possibly this would e ‘t filter happened. ! . !

Terasa de aproape 200 mp langa Piata Victoriei hidroizolata perfect cu IMPERMIX PU

La mijlocul lunii ianuarie 2014 s-a solicitat hidroizolarea unei terase la o cladire de birouri. Terasa era acoperita cu membrane bituminoase cu infiltratii pe la imbinari, scurgeri si deflectoarele de vapori.

Mai intai s-au uscat zonele umede si s-au etansat orice imbinare folosind masticul poliuretanic IMPERMIX FLEX PU si IMPERMIX PU BASECOAT armat cu geotextil.

terasa in procesul de hidroizolare terasa in procesul de hidroizolare terasa in procesul de hidroizolareterasa in procesul de hidroizolare terasa in procesul de hidroizolareterasa in procesul de hidroizolareterasa in procesul de hidroizolare. observati spatiul dintre casa liftului si atic

Apoi pe toata suprafata s-au aplicat doua straturi de IMPERMIX PU BASECOAT.

S-a intervenit cu aceeasi solutie pe acoperisul casei liftului.

Aplicarea de IMPERMIX PU BASECOAT peste acoperisuri cu membrane bituminoase

Aveti in continuare prezentate cateva lucrari cu rasinile IMPERMIX PU BASECOAT care se pot aplica peste membrane bituminoase.

Cel in negru este aplicat in Finlanda (unde este frig mare parte din an). Cel in gri este in Italia (unde in zona de sud este cald mare parte din an).

Hidroizolare terasa acoperita cu membrane bituminoase in Finlanda

Hidroizolare terasa acoperita cu membrane bituminoase in Finlanda

Despre acoperișurile verzi și cum le putem construi pentru dvs

Un acoperiș verde, sau un acoperiș viu este un acoperiș acoperit parțial sau complet cu vegetație. Acest tip de acoperiș poate fi la fel de simplu ca o membrană hidroizolantă rezistentă la vegetație, dar poate include, de asemenea, straturi de drenaj, bariere anti-rădăcină și sisteme de irigare.

Principalul avantaj și cel mai notabil de a avea un astfel de acoperiș verde este aspectul interesant al casei, și, faptul ca este o zonă de relaxare suplimentară (în cazul acoperișurilor plate).

Iată câteva exemple cu moduri în care puteți amenaja un acoperiș verde:

Alte beneficii importante ale acoperișurilor verzi sunt:

  • Managementul apei meteorice (prin stocarea acesteia în substrat și va fi folosita mai târziu de plante și în cele din urmă va reveni în atmosferă prin evaporare);
  • Micsorarea efectului de insulă urbana de căldură (prin efectul de răcire produs de evaporarea apei, se poate reduce, de asemenea, producția de emisii de smog și de gaze cu efect de seră);
  • Îmbunătățirea calității aerului (plantele de pe acoperisurile verzi pot absorbi și pot filtra gazele nocive și poluanții din aer, și de a controla, de asemenea, producția totală de CO2);
  • Furnizarea de noi spații pentru dotări și agricultura locală (gradini comunitare, spațiu comercial și de agrement);
  • Crearea de noi locuri de muncă locale și oportunități de educație;
  • Eficiența energetică (prin izolarea termică a casei și reducând astfel cantitatea de energie necesară pentru a modera temperatura din interior);
  • Creșterea duratei de viață a acoperișului;
  • Reducerea vitezei de propagare a focului din incendii, a radiațiilor electromagnetice și a nivelului de zgomot;
  • Creșterea biodiversității (de susținerea o mare varietate de plante, nevertebrate și de specii de păsări);
  • Sănătate și bunăstare îmbunătățire (prin reducerea poluării și îmbunătățirea calității apei, ele pot crește, de asemenea, coeziunea socială, siguranța publică și simț al comunității).

Terasa cu betonul impermeabilizat integral cu Radmyx peste care s-a aplicat Radcon Formula #7

Terasa este situata in Pipera si este situata deasupra unui service auto. Proprietarul a insistat pentru un tratament dublu desi doar aplicarea de Radmyx in placa s-a dovedit suficienta pentru ca placa de beton sa reziste la topirea zapezii. Despre Radmyx se stie ca are cea mai mare concentratie de substante active dintre materialele cu functionalitate similara. Radmyx face betonul sa se comporte ca si betonul roman ce a rezistat 2000 de ani. In acest proiect si preturile au fost mai mici pentru a ne arata aprecierea pentru cei ce stiu sa respecte hidroizolatiile perfecte..

Mai intai am efectuat reparatii in zonele unde meseriasii au turnat prost betonul, unde erau scurgerile de beton, unde erau urme de produse decofrante, de lemn de la cofraj, unde se vedea armatura, dupa care s-a trecut la aplicarea de Radcon Formula #7 in acele zone critice: rosturile de turnare, aticul, scurgerile. Cunoastem cu totii ca nu este santier in care constructorul sa tina cont de toate detaliile de proiectare si aplicare.


Asa arata terasa dupa acest prim tratament. Am fost limitati de temperaturile mai scazute in aceasta perioada asa ca am efectuat numeroase deplasari (noi avand sediul in Bucuresti), uneori pentru a efectua o singura operatie.

Vor fi poate multi…

dar ganditi-va la daunele pe care le provoaca!

Hidroizolare acoperiş acoperit cu membrană bituminoasă

Ce roluri indeplinesc straturile de difuzie si bariera de vapori

Intai sa vedem ce sunt acestea:

Barieră contra vaporilor de apă – componentă a unui element de construcţie, dispusă perpendicular pe direcţia de migrare a vaporilor de apă cu rezistenţă neglijabilă la transfer de căldură dar cu o foarte mare rezistenţă la permeabilitate la vapori, având rolul de a reduce riscul de condens al vaporilor de apă în structura elementului;

Barieră antivânt – componentă a unui element de construcţie permeabilă la vapori de apă dar care împiedică pătrunderea curenţilor de aer din stratul ventilat în termoizolaţia alcătuită, de regulă, din materiale de natură fibroasă (de ex. produse din vată minerală sau din vată de sticlă);

Strat de aer ventilat – componentă a unui element de construcţie prin care se permite circulaţia aerului prin tiraj termic şi/sau vânt şi care are drept scop principal evacuarea vaporilor de apă în exces spre mediul ambiant; poate fi realizat continuu sau sub formă de canale;

Strat de difuziune a vaporilor de apă – componentă a unui element de construcţie, aflată înaintea unei bariere de vapori (în raport cu sensul de circulaţie a acestora) şi al cărui rol este de a asigura difuzia tangenţială a vaporilor de apă şi/sau o destinaţie a aerului sau a vaporilor de apă sub presiune;

Deflector – element prin care se asigură:

  • tirajul stratului de aer ventilat şi evacuarea în atmosferă a vaporilor de apă, la acoperişuri şi alcătuiri de şarpante cu învelitori neetanşe la vapori de apă;
  • comunicarea cu atmosfera stratului de difuziune a vaporilor de apă;

Pentru îmbunătăţirea comportării higrotermice şi reducerea riscului de condens, precum şi pentru eliminarea umidităţii iniţiale sub învelitoare, s-au conceput soluţii constructive care să permită eliminarea vaporilor de apă în atmosferă. în acest sens sunt concepute terasele cu straturi de difuzie, canale de aerare şi cu straturi de aer ventilat.

Straturile de difuzie se prevăd în zonele de acumulare a vaporilor de apă: sub învelitoare, respectiv sub bariera de vapori. Se poate prevedea un singur strat de difuzie (sub învelitoare sau sub bariera de vapori), respectiv două straturi de difuzie. Aceste straturi se realizează din carton bitumat perforat blindat pe partea inferioara cu nisip grăunţos aderent, care reprezintă primul strat al barierei de vapori sau al învelitorii, care nu se lipeşte pe stratul suport. Lipirea se face prin bitumul care se toarnă peste acest strat şi care pătrunde prin perforaţii, realizând o lipire prin puncte, nisipul grăunţos venind în contact direct cu stratul suport. Printre granulele de nisip se realizează o oarecare migrare a vaporilor de apă şi aerului şi prin punerea stratului în legătură cu atmosfera se elimină vaporii de apă, cu ajutorul unor dispozitive speciale numite deflectoare, care se dispun în câmpul planşeului terasă, sau în zonele mai înalte (pe contur, lângă atic).